F1 System Simulator

Through my objective of further understanding and hopefully enhancing the F1 system, I’ve started assembling a mock system setup. I’ve been gathering random parts for this over the year or so and finally have enough to power something on.

Its built around a F1 power unit/actuator, a F1 TCU as well as the wiring in between. http://ferrparts.com helped provide the harness. I’ve also added provisions for Kline OBD diagnostics with a sniffer port.

Overall the system works and it’s possible now to fully communicate and test the system fully on the bench. I’m looking for a more appropriate DC supply to run the pump as it has relatively high amperage and I’d rather not be dealing with a large car battery/etc.

Update Feb 1/2021– I ultimately ended up powering the full system off of a 600W computer power supply. Although slightly under-rated, it seems sufficient to run the pump up to full pressure/etc. and serves as a low cost option here.

One area I need to address is the plausibility of the shift paddles isn’t there currently and so cause fault codes I’d like to see gone. This is solved fairly easily with a pair of resistors for each paddle.

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  1. The paddles can be simulated with two DPDT switches and five resistors. The schematic can be found online in the Advanced Electronics 1 Maserati Academy document.

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