Anatomy of a Cambiocorsa Actuator Part 2

In this post we will continue to tear down the actuator. For the first bit, be sure to check

In the first part, the actuator was left in the two halves.

First, you need to loosen the selector shaft from the cam on the other side. To do this, a simple 6mm wrench is all that is needed.

Next, to remove the actuator cam, there is a small hex 4mm bolt that needs to come out. This one was fairly well stuck in there (some sort of thread lock holding it in)

Before reassembling this part should be cleaned and reinstalled probably with blue loctite or similar.

From there, the whole cam assembly can easily slide out.

The pin on the cam assembly seems to be a common failure point (e.g. it fatigues and cracks in half). There are a few vendors I’ve found that sell the replacement pins. This would make this a easy repair had it occurred here.

When reassembling, you want to align the set screw with the opening in the bottom of the cam piece. This prevents it from rotating and clocks it properly. If this ever comes loose, it will cause the lobe to jam up and get locked in place (possible additional failure mode).

At this point, the actuator is fairly well broken down. I didn’t remove the split rings to pull the actual pistons/etc. out as I do want to re-use this actuator and I worry about damage. However, by getting the system torn down to this point, most basic repairs/adjustments should be able to be made.

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