Maserati 4200 Door Panel Removal

The door panels on these cars periodically may need to be removed for repairs (door locks and window regulators are a common problem).

Surprisingly, they are fairly straight forward to remove. These are the steps and location of the screws I’ve used.

Start by popping out the Main Speaker Grill, Tweeter, Reflector, Ground Lighting (small clip) and Door Trim piece. All of these parts should just pop out (use a proper plastic trim tool if needed). In the case of the reflector, it comes out in the director towards the rear of the car.

In the case of the tweeter and the ground light, also disconnect the connector.

Next, you want to remove a few more parts (red) before removing the screws highlighted below.

There is a small plastic cover in the inner door handle, you want to use a pick to pop that out to reveal a hidden screw. Once that screw is removed, the door handle surround should easily come out which reveals another screw behind it.

You will also need to remove the speaker) and disconnect it. Behind it are some additional screws. The trim piece hides 4 screws. Behind the tweeter and reflector is also a screw.

Finally, there are some screws that are easier seen laying down. First, a screw hidden under the arm rest.

And finally, four screws along the bottom of the door.

Once all the screws are out, its simply a matter of pulling the door panel UPWARDS (it rests on some clips by the window). Gently jiggle until it moves and then should become free.

Reassembly is simply the opposite process. It’s advisable to feed the various harnesses (light, and the two speakers) through the holes before trying to rest the door back on the clips. This is the only somewhat finicky part.

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