1st Year Ownership Costs

This is a summary of the ownership costs on the GS as I’m coming up to 1 year, and a little under 10,000km’s covered. Prices are in CDN$.

DescriptionParts CostLabour CostNotes
Coolant Replacement$78.00$0.00BMW Blue
Brake fluid flush/fill$89.76$140.00Motul RBF600
Gearbox Oil + Filter$184.97$0.00Redline 75W90NS
Engine Oil + Filter$92.38$0.00OE Filter/Euro Plat 5W40
MAF Sensor Replacement$164.00$0.00
Air Filter$60.00$0.00
Power Steering Fluid$8.00$0.00Suck/replace 1L. Valvoline
Radiator Replacement$842.05$465.00Labour to cover AC recovery/refill. Could have saved a bunch if I just did this before tearing the car apart (e.g. no need for mobile mechanic). Includes new thermostat+coolant as well.
P4S Tires$1800.66$0.00Front tires were cracking/aged out (+7 years)
LR Wheel Bearing$732.89$423.50

Total Parts: $4052.71

Total Labour: $1028.50

Total: $5081.21

I saved quite a bit along the way doing much of the labour myself. The labour for the AC work on the radiator replacement probably could have been done for less than half the cost if I had planned better upfront.

Of that total, $2627.44 of that was actual repairs, with the remaining $2453.77 what I would consider maintenance/wear&tear. Ignoring tires, general maintenance worked out to be about $653.11.

Aside from Fuel, the other major expense was insurance. I pay approx $1250/yr on this car.

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