OBD Pinout

The OBD port on the 4200 puts various computers onto several different buses. These are the main ones I've identified, however there are more. Namely, vendor options put the K-line for the ABS an NCS bus on Pin 12. Make a one-time donationYour contribution is appreciated.DonateMake a monthly donationYour contribution is appreciated.Donate monthlyMake a yearly... Continue Reading →

Tuning the F1 System

As we dig deeper into understanding the overall F1 system, one of the ultimate interesting areas is whether performance can be improved in any way. There are devices available for purchase that trick the system into performing differently (e.g. taking as a input a signal in the system and modifying before it reaches the computer).... Continue Reading →

F1 System Simulator

Through my objective of further understanding and hopefully enhancing the F1 system, I've started assembling a mock system setup. I've been gathering random parts for this over the year or so and finally have enough to power something on. Its built around a F1 power unit/actuator, a F1 TCU as well as the wiring in... Continue Reading →

Ferrari F136 Coolant Choices

There is a lot of debate as to the proper coolant to use in the F136 series motors. In general, the brands/products originally recommended by the factory are no longer available (or not easily available). In the case of the Maserati's of this era, the generally recommended coolant choice is the Agip Eco Permanent Plus.... Continue Reading →

Gearbox Fluid Change

The gearbox fluid should be changed regularly (owners manual calls out at least every 2 years). In my case, it wasn't clear when the last change had taken place so I decided to do it immediately. To begin, choose a appropriate oil.  This is actually the hardest part of the entire process as there are... Continue Reading →

Setting Clutch PIS

What is the PIS The PIS, or point of initial slip is a important clutch parameter on any F1 or Cambiocorsa based transmission. It's the parameter that tells the TCU (transmission control unit, or the computer) where the bite point of the clutch starts. Measure in millimeters, and along side the Self-Calibrated Clutch Closed Position,... Continue Reading →

Wera Tool Holders

I've started buying (collecting?) Wera tools to replace some of the stuff I've collected over the years with something a bit higher quality. One of the things I wanted was foam tray inserts to neatly organize them. I wasn't able to find anything off the shelf (and the Wera tools themselves usually come in cloth... Continue Reading →

Maserati 4200 Door Panel Removal

The door panels on these cars periodically may need to be removed for repairs (door locks and window regulators are a common problem). Surprisingly, they are fairly straight forward to remove. These are the steps and location of the screws I've used. Start by popping out the Main Speaker Grill, Tweeter, Reflector, Ground Lighting (small... Continue Reading →

Diagnosing the F1 System Pt.1

The F1 system on these cars are relatively complex and have quite a few moving parts that can fail or wear out over time. Luckily, the TCU on these cars provide a handful of useful parameters that can be used to help pin-point where issue lie. In this post we will look at some of... Continue Reading →

1st Year Ownership Costs

This is a summary of the ownership costs on the GS as I'm coming up to 1 year, and a little under 10,000km's covered. Prices are in CDN$. DescriptionParts CostLabour CostNotesCoolant Replacement$78.00$0.00BMW BlueBrake fluid flush/fill$89.76$140.00Motul RBF600Gearbox Oil + Filter$184.97$0.00Redline 75W90NSEngine Oil + Filter$92.38$0.00OE Filter/Euro Plat 5W40MAF Sensor Replacement$164.00$0.00Air Filter$60.00$0.00Power Steering Fluid$8.00$0.00Suck/replace 1L. Valvoline Radiator Replacement$842.05$465.00Labour... Continue Reading →

Gransport/4200 Radiator Replacement

Both end tanks of my radiator have been seeping coolant and progressively been getting worse since I bought the car. Additionally, the thermostat was behaving in a way that a partially stuck open thermostat would behave. I tried to work with the independent dealer I purchased the car from but they weren't being overally helpful.... Continue Reading →

Reading the ECU and Gearbox Computer

One of the biggest hurdles to DIY on any of these cars that feature the F1 style transmission is being able to connect into the various ECU's for reading data and controlling actuation on them. Standard, off the shelf OBD readers can gleam only a small insight into a few of the engine parameters.  It... Continue Reading →

Mass Airflow Meter Replacement

I noticed recently a low RPM bucking of the car when driving. This seems to happen around 2,000-3,000 RPM and feels a bit like someone abruptly taking their foot off the accelerator, and then returning it back to where it was prior. Reading around, this seems to be a fairly common problem often pointing to... Continue Reading →

Gransport Audio Upgrade – Part 1

One of the biggest complaints of the 4200 is the quality (or lack thereof) the factory sound system. Maserati offered a "upgraded" Auditorium 200 system (code: A200) as a option on the Spyer/Coupes and included it standard with the Gransport. It consisted of better speakers (apparently no longer paper coned) and a external amplifier. The... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Cambiocorsa Actuator Part 1

Several brands of this era have developed transmission controlled by a hydraulic system. Ferrari calls there's F1, Lamborghini has the E-Gear and Maserati with its DuoSelect and Cambiocorsa. Other brands such as Alfa Romeo also have their own variants that are similar. The 4200 series is named Cambiocorsa so will refer to the system throughout... Continue Reading →

Maserati/Ferrari Oil Filter Wrench

The oil filter can be tricky to get off if over tightened, and because it's important to torque it down correctly after replacing, a oil filter wrench is a useful tool. There are some pricey options available, however I found a much cheaper alternative filter wrench vs the $80ish dollar options from say Ricambi. This... Continue Reading →

Sticky Repair

I recently picked up a '06 Gransport. Everything is pretty mint on it except for the interior is starting to turn sticky. This is common on many cars of this era (Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.) due to the soft-touch coatings the manufacturers used at the time. There doesn't seem to be any clear cause/preventitive measure.... Continue Reading →

My 2006 GranSport

Ferrari F136 RB dry-sump engine I was able to get the original build list from Maserati NA. Many of the options are NC and part of the 2006 Gransport. Make a one-time donationYour contribution is appreciated.DonateMake a monthly donationYour contribution is appreciated.Donate monthlyMake a yearly donationYour contribution is appreciated.Donate yearly

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